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For the past two years, we've sent missionaries from our congregation to minister at Kids With Purpose International, formerly My Father's House, an orphanage in Manila, Philippines. We've assisted social workers in the mentoring and discipling of the residents of Kids With Purpose International and provided the young people with logistical support they need to do their regular outreach to a government run orphanage. We are thrilled to partner with an established ministry in the Filipino community. Our prayer is that our efforts bolster the mission of Kids With Purpose International, and we will continue to be in close relationship with them long after our trip is over.

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Here are the items we are collecting for the Philippines:

Vitamins for kids, teens and young adults (gummy bears, tablet, etc)
Lice Control Shampoo (we need this for newly admitted kids upon arrival here)

The following clothing items for ages 1 1/2 - 17yrs

Video CDs or DVDs (movies for kids or educational videos)
Coloring Books
Markers (permanent and white board markers)
Sharpies or signpens (gel pen)
Adhesive Tapes
Energy or Protein Bars (or other dried foods)

Contact us with any questions via e-mail at hello@newheartchurch.net

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