Is your "why" too weak?

We live in a world that tries to beat us down with apathy, a world that thrives off of cynicism and distrust. This kind of world is a huge enemy of passion.

Passion is the ability to care deeply about something that matters. When we live in a world of cynicism and negativity, we become unable to care deeply about anything, and instead we spend our time second-guessing what’s in it for the people that do truly care. But God is calling us to abandon that type of life and learn to live a life of true passion.

Passion turns our “shoulds” into “wants”.  It turns our hearts away from feelings of obligation and towards feeling of desire. More than anything, passion proves that willpower alone is not enough to get things done—you must have “wantpower” as well. Wantpower is what gets you through the day when your excitement is gone, but your passion remains. Wantpower keeps you aware of what truly matters and pushes you past where your will can take you.

Our passion finds itself in trouble when our “whys” get weak. When we are unable to explain why we do the things that we do and why we care so much about the things we care about, our passion weakens and we start slipping away from the truth of what we believe.

When we have purpose we will always have passion. This means being aware of the “whys” in our lives and having answers to them that feed the passions inside of us. Our passion will go where our will won’t take us, and in order to safeguard that passion we must have strong “whys”.

Let’s take the time to figure out why we’re doing what we’re doing and truly learn how to live a life of passion.

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