In this life, we are constantly putting our trust in the things around us. Relationships, finances, plans, jobs, promises, our own self-control…most of us have decided, subconsciously or not, that we can trust these things to sustain us throughout our lives. What an annoying lie.

What’s even more annoying is that none of these things are inherently bad. They are all meant to be used for our good, but when we decide to trust in them more than we trust in God they quickly turn on us.

As the body of Christ, we constantly have to be refocusing on the fact that God alone is worthy of our full hearts and our complete trust. It is always going to be uncomfortable to choose to trust God more than the things around us, but it is that kind of faith that God wishes to grow in us and it is that kind of uncomfortability that will ultimately help us to fully trust in Him. 

“Trust is not a test, it’s a muscle”

We need to learn to accept the circumstances and situations that we are faced with as opportunities to trust God more fully. We have to be able to give him the mundane parts of our lives as well as the most valuable. We need to be okay with letting him have the best parts of our time, our hearts, and our talents, for only when we give our lives to him are we able to fully live.

God is waiting for us. He is calling us towards himself with every ounce of passion that He has. Will we choose to answer His call? Will we choose to trust Him? 

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