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This past Sunday, Pastor Ben led all of us at New Heart on a journey through a valley of dry bones. That’s right…we were talking about Ezekiel.

In Ezekiel 37, God leads Ezekiel into a valley of dry bones and asks him a simple, and yet very complex, question: “Do you think they can live?”

Pastor Ben explained to us that when God asks a question like that, he doesn’t really need our answer. Ezekiel could easily have said, “Heck no, those bones are dead and dried up! There’s no way they could live again!” But even an answer like that could not stop God from what he was planning to do—our answers to his questions do not negate the fact that he alone is God.

Pastor Ben helped us to see that when it came to Ezekiel, all he was seeing was “dead people.” Just like the little boy in The Sixth Sense, Ezekiel was seeing remnants of things long gone.

God, though, was seeing potential.

Instead of only seeing the bones and the remnants of life long gone, God saw possibility. And by a few simple words, God breathed life into the bones, causing them to live once again.

But let’s be clear…before God breathed life into them, Ezekiel heard a dull rattling sound coming from the bones. They were coming to life, but it wasn’t until God breathed into them that they lived.

Don’t stop when you hear a rattle. God doesn’t just want you to be alive. He wants you to live—with his spirit inside of you. God doesn’t just want you to be a cup that is full of his love. He wants you to be filled to overflow, so that his love can reach even the people sitting around you. He could have stopped when the bones rattled to life, but instead he chose to allow them to truly live.

We need more than a rattle.

We need more than mere skin and bones.

What we need is the breath and life of God. 

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