David has been anointed as king. He slayed the giant and defeated the Philistine army.


But in the meantime….he waits.


In the fourth sermon of our “Tomorrow Is Starting Now” sermon series, Pastor Ben emphasized the importance of waiting and made sure to highlight exactly what to stay away from when anticipating the fulfillment of God’s promises.


As David awaited his rightful ascension to the throne, he made sure to remember three things:


1) In the meantime don’t believe your own press.

When everyone around him was filling him with flattery and pride, David chose to keep his heart pure. Rather than believing what everyone was saying about his superiority to Saul, David chose to humble himself and honor Saul anyway. He was able to distinguish between encouragement and flattery: encouragement focuses on the involvement of God, while flattery focuses on pride. David was aware of the fact that flattery only puffs people up…and when those flatterers are gone that same person is left deflated. Thus, he chose to stay true to himself and honor the King of Israel.


2) In the meantime don’t make it “me” time.

Not only was David nowhere near the throne that had been promised to him, but Saul (the father of both his best friend and his wife) was also trying to murder him. When David finally found himself in the cave of Adullam, he was looking for refuge. But what he found was a band of broken-hearted, discouraged, lost people looking for a leader. In his hour of need, David became the encourager of over four hundred men. Instead of using this time to feel sorry for himself, David used it to take care of the other people around him who needed encouragement. He didn’t make it about him, he made it about them. And those same broken-hearted people eventually made it possible for David to become king, and themselves became the fiercest warriors in the land


3) In the meantime don’t take a shortcut.

 Probably one of the hardest decisions David ever made was to honor the same authority that was trying to kill him (literally). But David chose to do exactly that. When faced with the opportunity to defeat Saul once and for all, David chose instead to let him live, trusting that God would get him where he was supposed to be in due time. Although a shortcut might have propelled David into the throne a little bit earlier, it also might have ended up hurting David more than helping him. Ultimately, David knew that “shortcuts are short-sighted.”


David handled himself perfectly in the meantime. But in our meantime, how will we respond?


All of our sermons are summarized by Katelyn Patterson. 

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