This Sunday marked the third sermon in Pastor Ben’s sermon series “Tomorrow Is Starting Now”. Focusing on the story of David and Goliath, Pastor Ben talked to us about not letting our proverbial “giants” rule our lives.


Pastor Ben laid down three rules about giants:


1) The bigger they are the more trash they talk.

When Goliath was yelling at David and threatening to kill him, he was really just trying to intimidate David into walking away. Pastor Ben emphasized the importance of not agreeing with our giants when they trash-talk us because “negativity zaps your energy”. More than that, when we run from our giants we are defeated before we even have a chance to fight.


2) The bigger they are the more they expect.

After trying to intimidate David, Goliath told him to “Come here.” Goliath expected that David would be easy to defeat. Little did he know that David was going to be an expert at the slingshot, even from far away. Because he underestimated David, Goliath taunted him and expected him to bow down to his wishes.


Pastor Ben also encouraged us to “fight unfairly”. He told us that when people try to hurt us we should forgive them. When people take advantage of us we should serve them. When we are faced with financial dilemmas we should give. When we want to quit we should pray. None of these are considered “fair” ways to fight in the eyes of the world. But when we humble ourselves and do what is right, God sees. And when He sees, He blesses.


3) The bigger they are they still aren’t big enough.

When Goliath told David to “Come here,” David did exactly that—he ran towards his giant. Pastor Ben explained that we should never run from our giants; when we do, they win every time. Regardless of what happens when we meet our giants face to face, God will turn it into good.


Because the bigger the giant is, our God is bigger still. 


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