Whatever you do and wherever you are, live in the moment. Be fully, completely present.

Pastor Laura Koke brought the women of New Heart Church to a beautiful new place in their understanding of joy yesterday morning at Shine. She boldly proclaimed that God's desire for us is to live in joy every day of our lives; not happiness, or ease necessarily, but true unending joy. The kind of joy that can only be found in the loving arms of Christ.

Pastor Laura encouraged all of us to drink in life and be saturated by God's goodness every day, and to do everything in our power to keep from suffocating the fire of God's great joy in our lives. The best way to do that, she claimed, is to learn to live in the moment. 

In this moment, TRUST GOD.

The beauty of our King is that he is trustworthy even when we are unable to understand his ways. He is our faithful, loving Father and it is by his hand that we are given everything that we have. So why not trust him with all of those things instead of trying to handle them on our own? Let us learn what it means to truly trust in God with all of our hearts.

In this moment, SLOW DOWN.

 If we are going to enjoy the lives that we have been given and find joy in each and every moment, we must learn to slow down and take time to actually recognize what's going on around us. Jesus knew how to slow down and see the people and situations around him, and he was definitely not afraid to delay his plans if it meant the betterment of someone else's circumstances. Let us learn what it means to substitute our plans for the plans of Jesus, and let us slow down enough to see those plans come to fulfillment.

In this moment, DO THE RIGHT THING.

As Ecclesiastes claims, there is a right time for everything on earth. Our job as daughters of God is to tune into him and figure out what we are being called to do RIGHT NOW. God is calling us to a higher standard of living and with that higher standard comes great freedom and peace. But we must first learn how to see his hand in even the mundane moments of life and be willing to do what he is calling us to do…even when it seems minor. Let us learn what it means to wake up and invite God into every aspect of our lives, and let us truly yearn to please him in every situation.

In this moment, GIVE THANKS.

In everything that we do we are called to give thanks to God. By being thankful we become more aware of who God is and what he is doing, and we become more capable of finding him in the ordinary, or even painful, moments of life. If we want to live with true joy we are going to have to learn to thank God even in the midst of circumstances that are less than ideal. Let us learn to turn to God in thankfulness first and to recognize his greatness even in the midst of turmoil.


Overall, dear sisters, let us learn what it means TO LET LOVE LEAD THE WAY. 

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