"Bravery is commitment in plain clothes."

Pastor Di Wilson spoke directly to our hearts tonight and started off Shine 2014 in a beautiful way. Di made her heart for women beautifully apparent as she uncovered the truths of Proverbs 31.

"She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar." (Prov. 31:14)

As women, we are like merchant ships and we have two responsibilities: to be filled to capacity and to move through life, rather than stay in one place. We are called by God to be filled with love, light, laughter, and life and by doing so we enable ourselves to move forward and bring others into that same place of abundant life. 

However, just like a merchant ship, we all have to go through periods of growth. Merchant ships, though they are made for the water, are built by a dock. They are kept from their destinies until they are strong enough to handle the currents and the waves of the open sea. Completeness can only come by sitting back, strengthening up, and learning how to handle repairs.

More than anything we are called to walk through the processes of life with God. We may not be in the season of fruitfulness that we would like to be in, but Di Wilson encourages all of us to remember that sometimes God calls us simultaneously to greatness and obscurity. And as we learn to embrace the growing process we can be assured that God will not be far off. 

Until then, we are called to be faithful with what is in our hand, trusting that God will be faithful with what is in our hearts. Di Wilson shared with us three things that she learned while going through the various growing processes of life:

1) She learned to be committed to mission.

2) She learned to be committed to motherhood.

3) She learned to be committed to marriage. 

As we look at our own lives, let us be willing to ask ourselves the tough questions. What are the things that we need to learn to approach with more bravery? What things do we need to commit ourselves to more fully? And in what ways can we focus more completely on Jesus? After all, bravery is commitment in plain clothes.

The question, then, is this: what are you wearing?

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