Kelly Mata serves as an Executive Pastor of Shoreline  Groups and Co-Campus Pastor of Shoreline South.  @KellyMata Twitter @KellyMcvaneMata Instagram & Facebook

Kelly Mata serves as an Executive Pastor of Shoreline  Groups and Co-Campus Pastor of Shoreline South.  @KellyMata Twitter @KellyMcvaneMata Instagram & Facebook

I have noticed, at times, we can all be challenged with feeling alone, regardless of the size crowd you find yourself in. Shoreline Church had a healing service where we prayed for people and their needs. It was incredible! I prayed for several people that night, and it was so humbling to hear their needs and ask God together to meet them. 


One of the last people that I prayed for was an elementary boy. After the prayer, he was grateful and hugged my neck so hard that I felt a vertebrae get misaligned, and my shoulder immediately was in pain.   I thought, "Really God, I'm praying for people at a healing service and leave needing healing! Really God, what the what?"  I was confused, discouraged and in pain.  I felt alone.  I went home and put ice on it. I cried and asked God to heal me. 


After my cry sessionwith God, I did feel better.  I then reached out and texted my mom and my sisters to pray for me. The "alone" feeling was beginning to subside. Then I texted my close friends in Sisterhood. They replied with encouragement and scriptures -more aloneness leaving. I felt lifted and was getting my peace and confidence back. The next day I saw my chiropractor (and friend) and after her adjustment, I felt better. That very night, my Sisterhood Small group got together and I shared with them what happened.  They had compassion on me, and we even laughed about the irony of praying at a healing service and needing a healing for myself afterwards. My Sisterhood group, put their hands on me and prayed for me. I felt loved, supported and filled up. 


Within twenty four hours, the feeling of being alone was completely gone. Why? Because I know I have a God who cares and provides girls in my life that I can count on and they can count on me. I call that Sisterhood. If you're ever feeling like I did, alone, confused or discouraged, I pray that you will cry out to God and then reach out to the girls in your life - I pray that you have Sisterhood



Read Genesis 2:18 The Lord God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”  

I am so glad that God knew, in advance, we could feel alone at times, so He provided other people (helpers) in our life. Who has God provided for you? What girls can you call when you feel alone, confused or discouraged? 



Acts 2:44, All the believers were together and had everything in common.” 

Write three names of girls you could reach out to for prayer and support?

Text or email three girls you know need encouragement. Share a scripture and make yourself available to pray for them. 


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Wide As The Skyby Matt Redmond


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