Snow? What snow? We didn't let a few flurries and a little ice stop us from enjoying our time as a church family today. You can hear the audio from this morning's service by clicking on the link above. Additionally, Pastor Ben announced that we are launching into 21 days of fasting and prayer. Below you will find a few thoughts we put together on fasting. We hope that they will give you some direction (especially if you are a beginner), and enhance your time with God this month. 

A Few Thoughts on Fasting:


Fasting is not about taking things away. Fasting is about voluntarily making more room in your life to concentrate on God. 

As a church we are inviting everyone to corporately fast and pray for the next 21 days. Fasting  is a powerful experience that focuses a person’s whole being on God. 

Jesus fasted (Luke 4:2), and he spoke directly about fasting on a few occasions (Matthew 6:16 & Matthew 9:16-17). He didn’t directly command his followers to fast, but he did uphold the tradition and expect that his followers would continue the tradition when he was gone.

There are various ways to fast, and we suggest that you begin this practice slowly, if this is your first experience. Some examples of fasting are: 

A Partial Fast (Daniel 10:3)

A 24 hour fast (from Lunchtime to lunchtime), with fresh fruit or vegetable juice and of course plenty of water

A fast from media 

A fast from your phone

“The purpose of fasting is linked to motives. Fasting must forever center on God. It must be God initiated and God ordained.”  - Richard Forster, The Celebration of Discipline

Our hope is that we can begin the year, as a church family, more dependent  on God than ever! Wont you join us for 21 days of fasting and prayer? 

Here are some resources you will find helpful as you pray about fasting: 

The Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

[There is a chapter on fasting]

Living Faith Day By Day by Debra K. Farrington

[A resource to help you live spiritually in a modern world]

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