Sunday morning, New Heart Church concluded its “Renew” leadership conference. We had the awesome opportunity of hearing from Pastors Earl and Oneka, Ben and Jess’s dear friends and the pastors of our sister church, Shoreline Dallas.


Renew was centered on exactly that: renewal. Pastor Ben’s vision for the weekend was that we, as a church body, would be rejuvenated and refreshed by the renewing of our hearts and minds. And that is exactly what happened.


It was amazing to hear Pastor Earl encourage us to never let our flesh direct our spirit, for as it says in Matthew, “Your spirit is willing but your flesh is weak.” Pastor Earl helped us to understand the battle that we’re constantly fighting as God’s children. We are continually struggling against our flesh to do what only our spirit is willing to do: seek and find God.


Pastor Ben talked with us on Saturday morning along the same lines. He helped us to remember how important it is for us to be stretched as Christians. “Leaders are like rubber bands,” he said. “They are useless until they’re stretched.” Even in the midst of the frustration and the distress that comes from such seasons of growth, we have to be able to endure them so that we can achieve the intended results. He finished that thought on Sunday morning, emphasizing how important it is to “get ready” for whatever it is that we’re hoping to see happen in our lives. He encouraged us to show our faith in God by actively preparing for what we hope God will do in and through us, and to focus on courage before strength.


There is definitely something happening in all of our hearts at New Heart Church, and this weekend served as pure evidence of that fact. I know that we are all more than ready to see how God will use us in our community, but more than that I think that we are ready for what He is beginning to do in all of our hearts. Renewed, encouraged, and inspired, New Heart is on a journey that is sure to be just as full of Jesus as we all hope to be.   

Contributed by Katelyn Patterson

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