Secrets are something that we all have. Whether they are big or small, stupid or not, we have learned to keep to ourselves the things that threaten to isolate us from those that we love. However, Pastor Ben opened our eyes this week to the truth about secrets and the isolation that they cause.

It is not a “secret” in itself that causes us to be isolated from those around us. In reality, it is fear that isolates us. According to Pastor Ben, we all have a deep fear that if our secrets are made known, the people that we care about will reject us and leave us to deal with them by ourselves. So rather than go through the pain of rejection and isolation, we choose to isolate ourselves, believing that if we can keep our secrets things will be easier. Thus, we give in to fear, and inch a little closer towards destruction.

“Fear produces secrets, which produce isolation, which produces destruction,” Pastor Ben explained.

Pastor Ben emphasized his point by delving in to Genesis 3-- the fall of Adam and Eve. After Adam and Eve had eaten of the forbidden tree, they hid from God in hopes of escaping the wrath that they were sure would come once He realized what they had done.

However, God did not become wrathful or angry; He simply asked them questions:

“Where are you?”

“Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten form the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”

“What is this you have done?”

Why did God ask questions that He already knew the answers to? He did already know the answers, right?

The answer is yes. He did know.

But the questions that God asks us aren’t for His benefit…they’re for ours.

We think that opening up and telling our secrets will lead to pain and rejection, but ultimately it is the keeping of secrets that is the most painful. God calls us to confess our sins and our secrets to Him, as well as to each other. He invites us into His grace and relationship by asking the hard, and sometimes unanswerable, questions.

Out of God’s overwhelming grace He opened up to Adam and Eve the possibility of confessing their sins and receiving forgiveness. They feared God’s wrath and tried to hide what they had done from Him, but what they didn’t know was that the truth of their actions enabled God to set into motion a plan to redeem the entire world.

All of this makes me wonder: if the untold secret of Adam and Eve can bring such grace into the world, how much more can the admission and confession of our secrets let loose the grace of God today?

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