What are two things that we very reluctantly deal with on a daily basis as humans? I’ll give you a hint....they rhyme with “ponflict” and “rossip”.

You guessed it! Conflict and gossip have been our focus at New Heart for the last two weeks, and Pastor Ben has once again wrecked our worlds with his insight and wisdom. Here are a few highlights of the last couple of weeks:


Conflict can be good and bad, but oftentimes when conflict starts everyone feels like they got hit first.

The four Gremlins of Conflict are 1) the Victim, 2) the Know-it-All-Win-at-all-Costs, 3) the Road Runner, and 4) the Hulk.

Healthy conflict involves making sure that what you are discussing is true, necessary and kind.


Gossip feeds our need to feel better about ourselves; hurting people hurt people by gossip.

Gossip is an awesome lighter fluid.

“Gossip isn’t gossip if it’s true”…in reality, some truth doesn’t need to be passed around.

Gossip is the fault of the gossiper and the listener: “Don’t tell me what they said about me, tell me what you did to make them comfortable enough to say that in your presence.”

Gossip puts us in isolation and “separates close friends” (Prov. 20:19).

Just by reading through these outlines, I am so dumbfounded by the truth and wisdom found in Pastor Ben’s words. As a church, Pastor Ben stresses that we be a safe place for each other. He uses the truths of the Bible to call us back into community with one another; a community that is characterized by good conflict and an extreme lack of gossip.

As we come together for these six weeks of connect groups, I think God is calling us to re-evaluate our relationships with one another so that we can be the Body that we are called to be.

Only when we are truly aware and accepting of one another will we be able to run the race that God has marked out for us. Let’s start training together today.

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