What thoughts come to mind when you think of the parable of the talents? Most people probably have differing opinions. But as far as New Heart Church is concerned, I think I have a pretty good idea of what theirs might be.

By Pastor Ben Calmer’s guidance and God-given understanding, New Heart now has a much more holistic view of what the parable of the talents means for us, both personally and collectively.

1. God is the giver of gifts, and many times He gives to the world through us. He gives, we receive, and then we decide: will we invest the time and effort necessary to multiply those gifts, or will we bury them for fear of failure?

2. We have to remember when we didn’t have the gifts that God has given us. What did it feel like when we didn’t have God, and what would we have done without Him and His love? In my opinion, it was horrible, and without His love I would be a huge jerk. How, then, can we let the people around us suffer through life while we bury His love and His light right beside us in the ground?

3. The Master in the story did not give his gifts free of charge; he expected a return. So, too, does God. His gifts are not for our personal comfort, but for the salvation of the entire world. In the words of Pastor Ben, “We are here to disciple and duplicate ourselves in other people.” God didn’t give us gifts to sit on; He gave them so that we could help those around us become just as much like Jesus as we are. (There’s another good question for us to ask ourselves: How closely do we really resemble Jesus? Hmmm…that question makes me semi-uncomfortable!)

4. God doesn’t demand from us abilities that we don’t have. While we don’t all have the same talents, we all have the capacity to give the same amount of effort. Whatever it is that we do, God has given us the ability (and the responsibility) to do it right. Not for our glory, but for His. As part of the body of Christ, we have to determine what exactly God has gifted us with, and how we can use that rather than bury it.

So the big question is:

Will you take the time to recognize the gifts that God has given you? And when you do, will you bury them or “be fruitful and multiply”?

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