“Bring it!” That’s the theme for this week. As we rap up a powerful week of ministry and look forward to Sunday, we can see many in our church embracing this attitude.

  • On Tuesday morning, 29 of our men showed up at 6:30 AM to sharpen themselves and discuss what God dreams of for the men in our church. Pastor Ben is going through the different archetypes of a man, and challenging us to surrender every part of ourselves to Jesus. We have 6 more Tuesdays left for this series of “Man Time.” 
  • The next day brought us “Team Night.” Justin Dill encouraged our church with an exploration of “The Spirit of an Armor Bearer.” In this challenging talk, he cast vision for a church culture that says, “I’m with you, Pastor Ben. I’m with you heart and soul!” If you weren’t there to hear it, keep your eyes out for the audio. It’s coming soon. 

As we look forward to Sunday, don’t forget to download our handout. We want everyone in our church to “Bring it!” This exercise is a way to bless two great organizations in our community, BA Neighbors and Dayspring Villa. You can bring all your donations to the lobby before our 10:30 AM service.

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