Stewardship: the act of organizing your life in such a way that God can spend you.


As we draw closer to our Heart for the House offering, New Heart is being challenged to think outside the box when it comes to tithing.


As Christians, we aren’t just called to give. We are called to steward. What’s the difference? To give means to present voluntarily or hand something to someone. To steward means to manage or administer something as the agent of another. The difference is huge.


Everything that we have belongs to God, and thus we are called to manage “our” resources for Him. As His people and his stewards, we are called to continuously remember that our resources are more than just for our comfort; they are for the expansion and the encouragement of the Kingdom of God.


In this world we are often tempted to love everything but God, and money is no exception. It’s easy to get defensive about tithing because in our minds we have to worry about us first. How can we give our money away if we aren’t completely sure that we have enough for ourselves first?


Pastor Ben explains this concept perfectly when he says that “you can either love money and use people, or you can love people and use money”. All of this flows out of the idea that people are more important than things. When it comes down to it, money can either run you, or you can run your money. When we choose to care about our money more than we care about God, people are lost along the way. And all the while we are left to waste away in the comfort that we’ve afforded for ourselves.


Money is a great servant, but a terrible master. It will corrode the way you see giving, and destroy your potential to help those around you. But at New Heart, we are endeavoring to set aside our own comfort and to give as much or as little as God calls us to give. We will no longer allow our money to dictate how we live. We are rising up and proclaiming that God is our only love, and that we are more than willing to not only give, but to steward the resources that He so graciously blesses us with.


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